5 Items no Kitchen is Complete Without

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The modern kitchen shoulders a burden far greater than kitchens of the past; convenience. Modern life moves fast and rarely do we find ourselves with enough time to make meals that take hours to prepare eclectic coffee blends that take hours to brew or sauces made from scratch. Life moves fast and so our kitchens must keep pace. Here you’ll find five items that will allow your kitchen to keep pace with your hectic schedule.

Electric Mixer

When we are afforded enough time to cook from scratch every second count. Having a kitchen mixer to help prepare your ingredients will help you get the most out of your time cooking. These items come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. The de-facto kitchen mixer is the Kitchen Aid Artisan series. These kitchen mixers come in dozens of colors, several models, and offer such features as tilting heads, variable speed control, and power hubs for additional attachments.

Espresso Machine

Coffee keeps us moving but the classic “black with cream and sugar” gets old fast. Home espresso machines are wonders of modern engineering and can offer you the same cafe-quality flavor you spend $8 every morning on your way to work. The difference? You can have such high-quality caffeine in the convenience of your own kitchen. There’s a lot of options floating around out there but going for something in the >$100 range will ensure you get a quality product. Check out this article by Home Refinery for more insight there.  Brands such as Breville and De’Longhi make home espresso machines that will not only wow your taste buds but also deepen the decor of your kitchen. Stainless is sexy. Don’t try to argue.

Trash Compactor

Ok. This isn’t as sexier as a stainless steel espresso machine but trash compactors are underrated. Having the option to quickly and conveniently dispose of countertop messes without having to open a doorway to the trashcans can help keep you sane. These inventions aren’t just foot-powered trash cans though; trash compactors smush all the stuff you’re putting in them to better accommodate loads more than you’d ever fit in a regular kitchen trash can. The downside here is that trash compactors generally require getting a contractor to help put in and an electrician to wire up. If you’ve already got a dishwasher and oven though, this is a great next item to put on your list!

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are probably the single easiest way to help your kitchen keep pace. Toss in a pot full of ingredients and you’ll find that by the time you get home from work they’ve magically transformed into a delicious feast! Modern slow cookers come with all the bells and whistles one might expect in the digital age: Bluetooth, wifi, smart displays, and even digital temperatures controls. You are the only one that can know which model is best for your kitchen but $75 usually goes pretty far when it comes to pressure cookers, slow cookers, or combination units. Check out our article on the best pressure cookers to help inspire your next shopping trip!

Food Processor

If you’re into juicing, we’d say go for a juicer instead of a food processor or blend. If you’re serious about your kitchen we’d say go for both! You’ll get more mileage out of your food processor though so that’s where you should start. These appliances come in an insane number of choices. We won’t even pretend to know all the options available but what we do know is how much time even the cheapest food processors can save. These kitchen aids are able to make sauces, juices, drinks, and even mix small amounts of ingredients in a pinch. We’ll defer to this article by Good Housekeeping to help you make this decision for yourself!

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