Sunday Meal Planning to Avoid Cooking All Week

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Sunday is a time when we get to play catch up, a time to pick up all the things that fell through the crack during the week. This might be cleaning, doing some yoga, packing away unused seasonal decor, doing laundry, or firing up your favorite slow cooker even. One thing many people often forget is that Sunday is the perfect day to cook up a feast that can help reduce the amount of cooking you have to do throughout the week.

Giving Your Stove the Cold Shoulder

Consider the types of foods you eat throughout the week, and try to see them in terms of types of foods. Nutritionists would call these macros—protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Typically any given meal will be an abundant blend of all of these. These three major types of food often comprise the majority of the calories we eat. Rice and other grains are loaded with carbs and proteins, eggs are almost entirely protein, and foods like avocados and nuts are mostly fats. Taking some time on Sunday to prepare these types of foods en masse can reduce the amount of actual cooking you have to do throughout the week. To get a better idea of how these approach can simplify your kitchen, consider the following food tips from TheKitchn:

Sunday Cooking Tips

With the hot, humid days of summer, there’s an even bigger benefit to sticking with your Sunday meal prep routine. You already know it can save you time during the week, but right now it also means keeping the kitchen cool and leaving the oven off on steamy weeknights. Heat up the kitchen just once to cook these seven versatile things, and you’re in for a week of easy, no-sweat summer suppers.

1. A Pot of Grains

Cook up a pot of your favorite grains on Sunday, then reap the rewards all week long. Turn them into a hearty grain and fruit salad, or use them to bulk up salads, breakfast bowls, and wraps.

When making grains in advance it’s always a good idea to cool them in a single layer on a baking sheet. It’s an extra dish to wash, but worth it since it helps grains keep their toothsome texture and avoid sogginess.

2. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs aren’t just easy to cook — they’re also an ideal candidate for being made ahead, as they last about a week in the fridge. You already know they’re a good peel-and-eat snack on their own, but wrap them in a slice of deli ham or pair them with a thick spread of hummus, guac, or pesto, and they’re even more appealing.

Get inspired: 10 Easy Ways to Snack on Hard-Boiled Eggs

3. Sweet Potatoes

Of all the roasted veggies to stash in your fridge for the week ahead, sweet potatoes are my favorite pick for being the most versatile of the bunch. These sweet spuds have a place on the table any time of day. Load them up with sweet or savory fillings for a breakfast potato, or pair with black beans and a few tortillas for one of the easiest taco nights ever. You can even layer sweet potatoes into a sandwich, collard wrap, or salad.

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